We take a systematic and deliberate approach to building your house so we can ensure its built with quality, on time, and to your satisfaction. We’ve been developing our systems for over 40-years to fine tune them for your house.

We also keep you 100% in-the-loop with our customer software that allows you to log-in to view the process of your house, send us messages, see picture updates, find out what’s happening, and much more. We create an account for you and your home, that will exist for the lifetime of the project.

  • Initial Meeting

    Once you’ve decided on us, we’ll get the basics from you and find out what you’re looking for. We’ll also set you up with an client-account so you can see the progress of your house. You will also meet your project manager that will be managing the build of your house in the field.

  • Pre Construction/Design

    This is where all of the plans, engineering, designing, etc. comes into place. You will also meet with our design team to help guide you through the ins-and-outs of your selections. By the end of this process, we’ll have a permit, plans, and all of your specifications.

  • What's Next Meeting

    During the pre-construction process, we like to meet with you so you know what’s been happening, what is happening, and what’s about to happen. We can answer any questions

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    your have and address any concerns.

  • Project Start

    Our Pre-construction process is over and we’re digging the footers and setting the form boards for the foundation of your house. This is our official “Project Start” date.

  • Pre-Drywall Walkthrough

    After the framing and mechanical roughs are complete, we want to meet you at the site and walk through the house with you to make sure you’re okay with the layout of everything.

  • Post-Painting Walkthrough

    The first coat of paint is on the walls, the trim is also installed, and cabinets are coming in. We’re about to start flooring and the MEP trim outs, but before we start that, we want to make sure you’re happy with everything so far.

  • Customer Orientation

    At this point, your home is essentially finished, we’re just about to call in for our final inspection, but before we do, we want to make sure you don’t have any last minute changes, and that everything is looking great.

  • C.O. Inspection

    We’ve made the changes you’ve requested at the customer orientation walkthrough and we’re calling in our final inspection. The only thing following this is a minor touch-up list, and a final clean.

  • Project Completion

    The final touch-up is done, and the final finish is as well. This is your official “Completion Date.” We will schedule the turn-over meeting, and then it’s all yours.

  • Turn Over

    We give you the keys to your new house, and explain our warranty program. We’ll also give you a Customer Satisfaction Survey, so you can tell us how you felt about building a home with us.